more photos from 1964 of


channel 3
Wichita, Kansas

KARD's Ampex VR 1000 monochrome Video Tape recorder. Only RCA Television Tape Recorders could record and playback color tapes from 1959 until the early 1960's. Ampex color VTR's were introduced in the early 1960's. Most early color TV stations were NBC affiliates, and RCA sold a large number of the early color TV Tape recorders in complete packages of RCA color equipment. Live and film color cameras, audio equipment, and transmitters were sold to affiliates, and even though most stations were independently owned, they were keenly aware that color broadcasting pioneer NBC was owned by color equipment manufacturer RCA.
KARD sportscaster Webb Smith views clips from the afternoon NBC affiliates feed on KARD's Ampex VR 1000 VideoTape recorder. Although the Kansas State Network's KSN TOTAL NEWS used KARD's TK 41 color camera for the in-studio anchors, virtually all of the days news stories were broadcast in black and white. In these days before portable videotape recorders, all local news stories from the field were shot on 16mm black and white film. National stories were recorded on video tape from NBC's afternoon news feed to its affiliates. The feed consisted of modified versions of clips aired on NBC's "Huntley-Brinkley Report," as well as numerous additional national stories that each affiliates' news director could select for the local newscast. 


Another shot of KARD's RCA TK-41 color television camera getting final tweaks before the early evening edition of the Kansas State Network's "KSN Total News." The cameraman (not seen) was Don Davis.

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