APS commerical

APS (Arizona Public Service) produced this 30 second commercial to promote the charging infrastructure
services it provides for electric cars including the EV1 in the greater Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.
(courtesy APS)

copyright 1996 APS. All rights reserved

The commercial will begin to play after your hard drive has cached an adequate amount of material to give uninterrupted playback. This time can vary due to loads on the internet, but has averaged 1-2 minutes before playback begins. In the event that playback stops before the commercial finishes, wait a few moments while your cache refills and playback will resume automatically.
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QT 3Download QuickTime 4 for Macintosh and Windows, and follow the instructions on Apple's QuickTime website for correctly installing the new QuickTime plugin into your browser's plugins folder. Relaunch your browser, and enjoy the commercial!

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