Broadcast on NBC-TV October 17, 1958

For a few moments, let's go back in time...

It's a crisp fall evening, October 17, 1958...imagine you're an eight year old kid in Wichita, Kansas...Mom and Dad can't afford one of those expensive new color TV's yet, but your wealthy relatives just bought one. Family and friends have gathered around Uncle Warren's gorgeous new RCA color set to watch one of America's most beloved entertainers in his first NBC COLOR special!

You didn't know it at the time, but this was the first color show pre-recorded on Television Tape at NBC's new state-of-the-art "Color City" studios in Burbank, California. This program became of the most acclaimed broadcasts of the season in addition to winning numerous Emmy awards.

Shhhh, the station break is almost over and everyone stares in amazement at the gorgeous color picture on the screen....the show is about to begin!

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