1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe

GM: 1908-1958
Golden Jubilee banner
1958 was General Motors 50th Anniversary, dubbed the "Golden Milesone." The '58 GM cars were dubbed "The Golden Jubilee." GM, the world's largest industrial corporation, had succeeded in eliminating much of its weaker competition with such important names as Packard, Hudson, and Nash either gone or fading fast by 1958. 1955 had been a record year for all automobile manufacturers, and '58 would likely be another big year when those three year old 55's were traded in for Detroit's latest fashion statements. GM was ready in 1958 to offer eager customers the most outlandish creations their stylists could envision.

GM 5 collage
The 50's had seen the full scale introduction of many of the gadgets we take for granted today, like power windows and seats, air conditioning, and signal-seeking radios with power antennas. GM's "Five for 1958" offered something else in abundance that no other manufacturer managed to top: chrome plated trim in wild excess! The '58 Pontiac's had blinding brightwork inside and out, almost as much as the "B-58 Buick" whose "Fashion-Aire Dynastar Grille" sported 160 chrome plated squares. 1958 cars from all manufacturers showcased the zenith in the use of chrome trim, but GM's Five for '58 were the most dazzling "Kings of the Road" ever!

Philco PredictaGM 5 TV commercial
The brand new "GM Five for 1958" were introduced on NBC's "Wide Wide World." Check out the commercial by clicking the Philco Predicta TV screen on the right.

note: viewing the commercial requires the Quicktime plugin version 6 or later available free for Macintosh and Windows from Apple Computer's website. Once the plugin is properly installed on your computer, click on the Predicta screen. Click here to download Quicktime.

Trexler and cars
Yours truly, Kris Trexler with the Bonneville and my 1958 Buick Limited coupe. As you might guess, I have a particular fondness for 1958 cars from all American manufacturers. It seems that 1958 was THE year that the automotive sytlists were allowed to let the imaginations run wild, sometimes with questionable taste. No matter, these beasts are fun to drive and maintain. The hobby of car collecting is one of the most satisfying pastimes imaginable.

I appreciate all kinds of cars, old and new. My daily driver is one of GM's amazing EV1 electric cars. Not only is it the car of choice in my household for commuting and running errands around town, I put it to the test by driving it from Los Angeles to Detroit in 1998. But in November 2003, GM donated my EV1 in my name to the prestigious Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. After 50,000 wonderful miles, I sure miss her! Learn about my CHARGE ACROSS AMERICA adventure.

And check out my other classic cars on my KING OF THE ROAD home page.

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Acknowledgments, sources and links:

Restoration of a 1958 Bonneville is a difficult task, with very few reproduction parts available. I envy anyone who's restoring a 1957 Chevrolet for which countless reproduced parts are available! I found many N.O.S. (new old stock) original GM parts for my Bonneville which were purchased one at a time from numerous vendors over a period of several years. One especially notable source of N.O.S. parts is AUTOMOBILE ARCHIVES in Little Canada, Minnesota. Dennis and his brother Glen Wedll had a lot of the goodies I needed. Fair prices, prompt shipping. They specialize in N.O.S. parts for all GM cars.

M&M Carburetor Remanufacturing in Los Angeles is one of the best carburetor rebuilders in the USA, and they happen to be very reasonably priced. They've been in business since 1955. Carburetors such as Holley and Rochester that were originally gold colored are recolored to the factory appearance. (Too bad I didn't know about M&M when I had the secondary carbs on my Pontiac's Tri Power rebuilt - the rebuilder I used at that time didn't color those carbs properly). Every carb is tested and adjusted on an engine, which allows potential problems to be corrected before delivery to the customer. A nice bonus is that minimal adjustment (if any) will need to be made once the carburetor is installed. M&M turns their carbs around in one day, and will gladly ship anywhere.

M&M Carburetor Remanufacturing (213) 748-7261
1945 S. Flower St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

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