2002 Ford Thunderbird
charity auction at Galpin Ford - North Hills, California
August 21, 2001

The all-black 2002 Thunderbird was the first delivered to Galpin Ford. Galpin owner Bert Boeckmann donated the car for auction on August 21, 2001 with all proceeds going to local Los Angeles charities. The winner of the auction was Mr. Richard Reinjohn with his bid of $67,000. Only state tax and license fees were deducted from the proceeds before donating the balance.

This 2 minute edited video clip shows the auction as well as the full color palette of 2002 Thunderbirds on display (loaned for the evening by Ford Motor Company). Viewing the video requires Quicktime 4 or later. This is not a streaming clip and may take time to download the 2.4mb file to your computer depending on your connection speed. DSL, Cable, or faster advised, so be patient with a standard modem. Enjoy!

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